Jason Momoa "hand-starts" his custom bobber - Road to Paloma clip

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Jason Momoa "hand-starts" his custom bobber - Watch full movie now at http://bit.ly/RTPiTunes

“I’ve had that bike since I was nineteen, it’s the first thing I ever bought.” ~Jason Momoa, Director, co-writer, lead actor of “Road to Paloma”.

ROAD TO PALOMA is the beautiful journey of two bikers traveling across America's vast west. While Native American Wolf (Jason Momoa) is being pursued by the FBI for having taken the law into his own hands, when his mother was raped and killed on their reservation he crosses paths with Cash (Robert Mollohan), a down and out musician who is coping with the end of his marriage. An unlikely friendship develops, as they ride together towards the Teton mountain range, where Wolf will spread his mothers ashes.

ROAD TO PALOMA stars Jason Momoa, Robert Homer Mollohan, Lisa Bonet, Sarah Shahi, Michael Raymond-James, Chris Browning, Timothy V. Murphy, and Wes Studi. Directed by Jason Momoa.

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Jason Momoa "hand-starts" his custom bobber

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