The gift - Michelin Motorcycle - 2016

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New BMW X5 commercial (2014,Japan) Funniest Motorcycle Commercials Kawasaki Funny Commercial Funny motorcycle commercial with Ghost Rider The New Yamaha MT-125. Don't be afraid of the dark HARLEY-DAVIDSON STELLALPINA BY ROBERTO ROSSI The gift - Michelin Motorcycle - 2016
The love of motorcycling is a bug that bites deep, awakening all the senses: the sound of engines, the smell of leather, the appreciation of sleek lines, trading smiles with friends and loved ones riding with you… That’s how we see the passion for biking, irrespective of generation, because we are all #RidersForLife"

La moto è uno stile di vita: la musica del motore, la sensazione di libertà, le esperienze da condividere con chi ami. Ed è proprio questo che Michelin e @/#Harley-Davidson condividono insieme. Guarda il video! E voi, siete #RidersForLife?

#Michelin #tires #Harleydavidson #cruiser #liveyourlegend

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